Sustainable development

Magn-us Mini

Magnetic fuel saver

MAGN-US 2 MINI is specially designed for carburettor gasoline engines (Citroen 2CV, Renault 4L, Fiat 500, quads and small motorcycles, etc.)

- ultra compact
- two set parts body
- professional finishing, engraved body
- rustproof treatment

Important information :
Magn-us has not be proven by an independant laboratory.
The claimed savings are reported by our clients.

Characteristics :
- barb fittings for flexible hose internal diameter 3,5 to 6 mm
- very intense confined magnetic field
- Shielded, no magnetic field outside
- very quick installation
- small size : diameter 10 mm, length 50 mm, 15 gr
- compatible with Retrokit ® and Econokit ®
- maximum reliability : no electronics, no moving parts.
- maximum flow rate : 20 L/H
- max temperature : 70°C
- Made in France

Performances :
Our end users report savings between 7% and 23%, with more torque at low rpm.

Attention :
- the fuel line has to be cut
- In case of storage in a workshop, protect the fittings from filings or iron dust in air, which may be attracted inside.