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Hypnow spare parts

Retrokit Nano Pro

Flat catalytic reactor
- Stainless steel body
- Barb fittings for diam. 10 mm hose
- Heating by contact
Retrokit Nano Pro

1 liter bubbler

polypropylene th. 4mm
bears 120°C (250°F)
Bubbler 1L Hypnow

3 liters bubbler

polypropylene th. 6mm
bears 120°C (250°F)
Bubbler 3L Hypnow

Electric heater

Self regulated electric heater for bubblers (1L and 3L)
Length : 230 mm
diameter : 12 mm
Power supply : 12-24V DC
Power : 95W
Heating length : 100 mm
Max surface temperature : 165°C
Regulation : Curie point, included
Electrical connection : 2 x 100 mm wires + Faston terminals
Connection place : + battery via a relay triggered by the + contact
Fastening : compression fittings, adustable height
Made in France

An additional thermostat can be added to limit the temperature to 50°C during warm weather.
Self regulated electric heater Hypnow

Operating principle for diesel engines

The ambient air is sucked into the bubbler to form humid air by passing through water. It goes through the Retrokit Nano Pro catalytic reactor, heated by contact by the exhaust gases. Once treated, this aerosol dopes the combustion being mixed with the intake air, via the diffusor placed between the air filter and the turbo (or intake in case of atmospheric engines).

Non-contractual photos.
Operating principle of Retrokit, fuel saver working with water designed by Hypnow.